Choosing the right type of internet for your business is crucial but with the vast number of choices available from DSL to Cable to Broadband, T-1, PRI, EOC and more selecting the correct solution can be time consuming, costly and down right frustrating.  And because as a business owner you have many more things to do with your day such as “running your business”, it is no wonder why many business people choose the wrong service or pay too much for what they get.

Making the correct choice comes down to several factors; 1. what are you using the business internet for ie VOIP, web searches, email, managing and administering company websites and inventory.  If for example your company uploads and downloads a lot of graphics or contracts DSL and Cable may not be the best choice as the up and down speeds with Cable varies greatly from time to time and DSL has limited bandwidth which will slow down your up and downloads.  On the other hand if your company simply answers emails and does occassional web searches a PRI or T-1 is over kill and you will be paying too much a month for services that you can fully use.  That is why a telecom professional is needed as a consultant, we can quickly analyze your needs, search the various carriers, find the best product at the best price and oversee the installation and service from start to finish.  Just as you go to the best lawyer or best doctor when you have the need for their professional services instead of acting as your own lawyer or physcian; so to should you seek the advise and services of a telecom professional.  The cost savings alone will be worth it!  And when you add in the man hours and IT costs of finding, installing and programing a new internet or phone system not to mention the stress involved using a telecom professional is the best route.

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