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Communications technology has evolved at breakneck pace over the last few decades. First came the telephone, then data communications and, in the last two decades, cellular phones and the Internet. This has caused multiple network infrastructures to evolve separately, causing a huge amount of duplication and inefficiencies. Ultimately, this has translated into higher costs for businesses.

The myraid of different technologies can be confusing if not down right baffling for the business owner. Few of us have the time, training or patience to dig through all of the definitions, technology and costs per, to find the right solution for our businesses.  Make the right choice, you save money and get better service, make the wrong one and you pay more for less and get spotty service.  The bottom line is, “if the phones and internet don’t work or work poorly you are out of business, if the service is adequate but the costs are prohibitive your bottom line suffers.”

For Example, the introduction of VoIP (voice over IP), in particular has resulted in lower operating costs.  In the past VOIP services were used only by large enterprises with lots of IT resources available. However, as telecom and internet techology has improved even the smallest business can take advantage of this new technology.  At Communications For Business we have packaged all the quality and reliability that large customers enjoy to a price within reach of any business, no matter what size.  For example we can offer unlimited calling nation wide for the same low price, this eliminates costly long distance and LATA charges.  VOIP also eliminates the need to have an onsite PBX which is a huge savings as a PBX can easily run into thousands of dollars to purchase and install and thousands more in IT costs to maintain.  VOIP packages also include numerous features such as Auto Attendants, find me follow me features, Real time reports to assist management with agent training, ease of adding phone extensions etc.

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